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Technical Due Diligence, Explained image

Bernard Fraenkel, SVSG Practice Lead, explains the process of technical due diligence, a key step in the technology company investment cycle. Bernard has led engineering teams of all sizes for over 30 years in Silicon Valley and around the world, and has overseen more than a dozen due diligence assessments.

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Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Overview image

In high-profile discussions of deep learning on professional panels or in the media, leading experts always point to medical diagnostics as one of the most exciting and significant applications of the technology. Yet there is a disconnect—medical diagnostics using AI is getting a lot of hype but still not enough in the way of action. AI has begun impacting people’s ...

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Intel® Software Innovator Geeta Chauhan: A Passion for AI Possibilities, a Concern for our Environment image

This interview is a repost from SVSG CTO and AI Practice Lead Geeta Chauhan's interview in Intel Developer Zone here. Even as a child, Geeta Chauhan was a maker at heart, producing homemade soap and candles, drawing and sewing. She was her mother’s “handyman” at home, fixing anything that broke: repairing the lights, iron, the electric fuse for the house ...

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SVSG in Mobile World Live: Why Facebook Instant Games Matter image

Written by SVSG Head of Special Projects, Anthony Manzo   Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games have seen immense popularity and have some major advantages over traditional mobile apps, something more developers should take advantage of. In 2012, Draw Something became the fastest-growing app of all time, gaining 24 million daily users in 50 days. In comparison, after Facebook opened its Instant Games platform to developers ...

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