Bring Silicon Valley expertise to the rest of the world

Technology is moving faster than society can keep up with. This is only going to accelerate in the era of GenAI.

90% of the economy is offline, and those who aren’t digitally enabled are at risk of getting left behind.

We are on a mission to democratize technology by bringing digital technologies and Silicon Valley best practices to businesses everywhere.


Here are the common reasons SVSG team members choose to work together.


We believe that 10x performance begins with personal choice and flexibility. We have designed our methodology around flexible/agile work environments.

We offer flexible work models, ranging from part time to full time. Whether you are spending more time with family, bootstrapping your next startup, or ready to go all in on impact, we have a role for you at SVSG.

Learn from peers

As one team member put it: “it is rare to be able to interact with so many other founders”.

As a group of technology executives, everyone on the team has in-depth and varied experiences. We are a rare group of complementary technologists and value diverse perspectives.

Market exposure

It never ceases to amaze us how many 100M+ revenue businesses are still offline. We are constantly learning about new pockets of the economy that Silicon Valley has not yet disrupted.

Software may be eating the world, but the world has a lot of businesses that are in need of guidance in order to digitize.

We move together

We believe it’s important to help others reach the highest levels of creativity, purpose, and potential. We call this being in ‘Flow’.

Join us as we design and build products that enable society to Flow.

About you

Have founded or served in an executive role of a technology company.

Prioritize customer experience when building software products.

Share our belief that being good and making money are not mutually exclusive.