For large corporations that are looking to stay ahead of technology disruption, we provide:

  • Training in proprietary lean development methodologies
  • Go-to-market strategies that leverage the latest tech trends
  • Strategic partnerships with emerging technology startups

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For medium and small enterprises we accelerate growth by providing:

  • Technology assessment and modernization
  • Delivery acceleration
  • M&A support

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For venture-funded businesses that require a technology leader to augment current teams, we provide:

  • Engineering leadership to de-risk delays and reduce overhead
  • Technology architecture with rapid scale in mind
  • Sourcing and vetting at all levels of engineering, including executives

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For seed-funded startups that require a full-time equivalent Chief Technology Officer, we provide:

  • Best practices in lean startup development methodologies
  • System architecture for products that need to scale
  • Leadership to maximize an engineering team

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What is CTO consulting

The majority of startups and new enterprise initiatives fail. The best way to increase the success rate of a new initiative is to have the right people on your team. Each SVSG architect has experience serving as a Chief Technology Officer and can bring high level technology guidance into your company.

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What we offer


By advising your team with authoritative tech perspectives from Silicon Valley CTOs, we can augment your team with a tech leader who will take on initiatives without consuming your existing engineering bandwidth.

Proprietary Methodology

Utilizing lean startup and agile processes we can guide your technology team to efficiently meet goals and cut costs.

Product Roadmap

Our team provides guidance in choosing the right feature set to help your company validate its product goals in the shortest realistic timeframe.

Technical Research and Evaluation

We help determine which technology tools best fit your product goals and help find potential Silicon Valley partners.

Technology Audit

We evaluate your current product and technology stack to outline gaps and risks.

Systems Analysis and Architecture Design

We design systems for rapid development and scale.

Project and Team Management

We lead engineering projects to ensure quality and de-risk delays.

Technology Team Configuration

We design engineering organizational charts optimized for your needs.

Technology Hiring

We help source and vet all levels of engineering, including CTOs.

Fundraising Support

By serving as the interim CTO, we represent the company in pitch decks as well as in investor meetings to explain the technology strategy and roadmap of the company.

Development Services

We provide Silicon Valley qualified engineers to work alongside our CTOs.

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