Who we serve

Fixing mission critical tech challenges at Silicon Valley speed

Mid-Market Enterprise

When your technology breaks down you need a quick fix in order to keep the revenue machine running.

Your goals

Fix Tech Outage, Revenue Recovery, Strategic Partner Integration

Our playbook

Assessments, Product Roadmap Acceleration,
Fractional CTO


Startups need to grow fast and hit their promised roadmaps. SVSG helps VC funded startups leap over bandwidth constraints, legacy maintenance & customer support requirements to accelerate timelines for increased revenue and enterprise scale.

Your goals

Faster Revenues, Increased Scalability, Predictable Timelines

Our SVSG playbook

Technology Acceleration, Fractional Tech & Product leaders, Team Augmentation

PE/VC Investors

From the earliest stages in the deal cycle, to post-deal value creation, we assist the most ambitious PE/VC firms in their investment decisions.

Your goals

Buy Outs, Growth Capital, M&A

Our SVSG playbook

Assessments, Tech Due Diligence, CTO Advisory