What We Do

SVSG is an international team of High Performance Executives (HPXs’) and world- class engineers dedicated to pushing technology forward in every industry. Utilizing decades of experience and lean startup practices, we consult, design, and build software for companies and individuals who want the best solution, the first time.

Digital Evolution

Digital transformation is not enough.   In the modern economy, modernization and innovation are constant.    To compete & grow, your organization needs to synchronize people, business and technology, working holistically to drive innovation and deliver continuous evolution in an ever-changing market.
  • Organizational & Technology Alignment
    • People + Data + Process + Technology = Your Business
  • Technology Optimization for Growth
    • Technology Modernization
    • Delivery Acceleration

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Decision Support

Trim the fat from your technology budget and leverage the insights and expertise of our world-class team, at any step of your digital initiative.
  • CTO: Advisory & Interim / Fractional
    • M&A Audit - Risk Mitigation
    • Organizational ↔ Technology Fit
    • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Executive Coaching
    • Maximize your technology ROI
    • Deliver repeatable results

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Actionable Insights

Get a deeper understanding and actionable data through advanced data mining.   Improve performance and optimize corporate and consumer insights with technology that learns from your data, unearthing the patterns and predicting the outcomes your company needs.
  • Data Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Turn data into actionable answers
  • Customer Intelligence & Optimization
    • Get 3D insights into your customers in real-time

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Automation & Edge Computing

Reduce costs by arming your workforce with software that does the work for you and hardware that quantifies and communicates actionable data to you and your consumers.
  • Robotic Process Automation
    • Planning & Implementation
  • Edge Computing
    • Hardware & Software Optimization
    • Processing & Analytics

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