For years now, although SVSG has several physical offices, we have largely worked remotely. In the current crisis, our experience with virtual teams is helping us and our clients execute faster and more effectively than ever. With video conferencing, highly interactive communications platforms and our deep experience working virtually, we can help your team move forward.

When a company scales successfully, it’s the exception, not the rule. More than nine in ten startups fail, and most of these companies self-destruct before they ever get the chance to scale their operations. Those who do make it usually find the scaling process to be the greatest challenge they’ve faced as a company.

The digital devices that will have the biggest impact on your kids may not be the ones you expect. Increasingly, the next generation’s earliest relationships with technology will be shaped by the consumer ‘Internet of Things’ creations we call connected toys, as opposed to mundane and obviously-technological devices such as laptops and smartphones.

Technical Debt comes from multiple sources, not just from code written too quickly, but also from natural causes such as a UX paradigm that becomes dated, or an architecture that can no longer support traffic that has grown 10x since its design. This whitepaper examines the various origins of technical debt, presents how to analyze […]

Geeta Chauhan, CTO, Silicon Valley Software Group, joined Rishaad Salamat and Bryan Curtis on Daybreak Asia. She discusses the importance of ethical design in AI, how she envisages a future where we all have personal digital assistants and how users will gain ownership over their data.

Isn’t it curious that two of the top conferences on artificial intelligence are organized by NVIDIA and Intel? What do chip companies have to teach us about algorithms? The answer is that nowadays, for machine learning (ML), and particularly deep learning (DL), it’s all about GPUs. In his most recent Forbes Technology Counsel post, SVSG CTO […]

Advances in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies and techniques put greater demand on data centers and ML-optimized compute resources and bring a new wave of disruption to cloud providers. This will impact Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers as demand for the SMACK stack (spark, mesos, akka, cassandra, kafka) replaces […]