Case Studies

J.D. Power – Technology Transformation

Flagship Digital Product Launch

JD Power & Associates (JDPA) has been a leader in Information Services for generations. In recent years, several emerging technology companies have been encroaching in their market and the JD Power executive team knew it was time to fight back. They designed a digital product, “VoX,” to give even more customers faster access to better data. Their engineering team grew quickly and soon faced process, quality and velocity challenges. The system was undocumented, velocity was behind their aggressive target and customers were lining up to utilize a product that wasn’t ready to ship. That’s when their CTO, Jonathan Miller, reached out directly to SVSG.

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Doctors Without Borders – Combatting Disease Abroad

Designing the technological infrastructure for a major humanitarian initiative

International humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) established a project called Nimtone to help support its mission of providing aid to tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS patients across the globe. The program aimed to streamline patient management, allowing for SMS-based appointment reminders proven to boost the attendance of patient meetings by at least 10%. By putting this patient management system in place, MSF aimed to boost its effort to assist patients suffering from these deadly diseases and find a means to accommodate its growing scope of care.

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Microservices Architecture and Execution

Higher Education Product Suite

A successful education technology company providing solutions for Higher Education and Research Administration had the goal of modernizing its technology stack by creating a new platform backend that in the long run would support all of its product lines. The company had a history of delays in product releases, and the platform development was stalled, 6-12 months behind schedule. In addition, the company did not have software architecture talent in their team to create a cloud-native microservices architecture. Even though there was pent-up demand for several key products in the suite, because of the sales cycles in the Education market and the development delays, the company was forced to forgo an entire suite launch and release a few key products of the suite by July. If the schedule slipped any further, the company would miss an entire year of sales. The company’s executive team recognized these challenges and called in SVSG to help.

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EDA – Porting High Performance Computing Applications to the Cloud

Software Architecture Design and Cloud Migration

The CEO of the market leading, multi-billion dollar, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company had launched a strategic initiative to offer the company’s products on the cloud, with a mission to generate at least 20% of its revenues from cloud services within five years.

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Twilio - From Call Centers to Parking Apps

Professional Services for Telephony Leader

With over 100 years of combined Silicon Valley CTO experience, more than a dozen solutions architects and Twilio certified team members, SVSG is the Twilio Solutions Integration Partner trusted by Twilio’s own Professional Services team to tackle the largest and most complex engagements.

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A leading international design agency had been working with a client to bring to life the design for a new product that would disrupt the parking industry.

The client had honed in on an opportunity to tackle a fast growing marketplace, similar to Airbnb, but for parking. They had recognized that the existing companies in the market had validated a need for a robust platform but had entered it with sub-par products that lacked effective marketing and distribution; competencies that were core to their founding team.

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Mortgage Startup – Evolving the mortgage buying process

Technology Leadership and CTO Consulting

This early stage company had a vision. They wanted to fundamentally transform the mortgage buying experience for the everyday consumer by utilizing technology to bring transparency to the fragmented mortgage industry. With no internal CTO or engineering manager on the team, they were seeking an experienced technical team to guide them from their inception.

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