SVSG is excited to share that its AI Practice Lead, Geeta Chauhan, has been nominated for CTO of the Year in the 2019 Silicon Valley Women in IT Awards. 

Geeta is a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley, with over 25 years’ experience leading teams of developers. She has worked for startups and Fortune 500s, built and launched 17+ platforms and countless applications based on Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and other cutting edge techniques. She’s been a trusted advisor for investment firms during merger and acquisitions and venture funding, and led over a dozen due diligence projects across US and Europe with total of ~$200 Million investments. Currently, she is revolutionizing cloud computing as CTO of DeepCloud AI, a decentralized cloud computing platform powered by AI and blockchain. She is also leading a Google-backed project for SVSG that will use deep learning to diagnose early-stage breast cancer from routine scans. She plans to release the program as a free app that can spread quality care to women in underserved areas.

For years, Geeta has led the industry with her vision of a more enlightened tech sector. She was an early proponent of adopting humane design standards across the industry, and her work has contributed to new industry-leading guidelines for Ethical AI. Geeta helps to lead the fight against the climate crisis through technology as a mentor with CleanTech Open and as a Climate Leader with the Climate Reality Project.

The Women in IT Awards recognize the top IT leaders who have overcome the unique barriers women face in the tech sector by innovating and leading teams to groundbreaking successes. To be nominated for the CTO of the Year category, a CTO must have “demonstrated particular innovation, IT excellence and leadership in the last 18 months.”