New platform open-sources CleverPet’s training algorithms and enables easy capture and display of companion animal learning and activity data.

CleverPet, maker of the first and only game console for dogs and cats, today announced the release of hackerpet, an enhancement of CleverPet’s flagship product, the CleverPet Hub. The Hub, designed by PhDs in the cognitive sciences, works by engaging and entertaining dogs and cats with light, sound, and touch-based games, providing food rewards to teach dogs and cats to succeed at games that get more challenging over time. With today’s announcement of hackerpet, enthusiasts are now able to transform their Hub into a fully programmable and customizable platform for creating, modifying, and sharing new games and interactions. hackerpet gives customers full control of the Hub’s hardware, as well as access to CleverPet’s previously proprietary training algorithms, under the open source AGPL license. Because hackerpet is built on the Particle build platform, adding new or customized games to the Hub can be done from a web browser without writing a single line of code. A community of users is already actively developing with hackerpet, and has created games that integrate with smartphones and external hardware.

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