Mid-market enterprise

Generating Revenue with AI

We turn customer data into revenue for mid-market enterprises

Data is what fuels AI. When your customer clicks on your ad, purchases from your website, or calls into your support department, they are leaving a digital footprint as to what they need in order to keep purchasing from you. The degree to which you capture and make use of this data is what will define your competitive advantage in the world of AI.

Every business has valuable data, but most companies struggle to collect the right data, in the right way, in order to customize AI tools like ChatGPT. We are experts at turning data into revenue generating customer experiences.

The SVSG Revenue Playbook

We know that AI is just as much about people as it is about technology. Our proven playbook will help your company incorporate AI across your customers and workforce.

AI Workshops

AI can improve nearly any function of a business. In order to determine where to focus, we begin by helping you identify the areas where AI can have the biggest impact on revenue. We do this by stepping through our 8 stage customer lifecycle framework (link to self-assessment). We then produce a personalized guide that outlines your top three revenue use cases, along with an execution plan that shows how to use your data with AI in order to improve your workforce productivity and customer outcomes. The result is an actionable AI roadmap that will increase revenue.

Common Scenarios


You are trying to decide where to start using AI in your business, and you want to explore revenue use cases.


You want to start your AI journey but you are not sure which AI tools will work best for your customers and employees.

See an overview of our AI Revenue Workshop.

AI Revenue Proof of Concept

As with any new technology, it’s important to test your approach before committing the resources needed to scale across your workforce and customers. The challenge comes down to balancing sufficient proof points with the minimum scope. Our team of CTOs are experts at navigating this balance, and build AI solutions that focus on demonstrating revenue metrics without all the extra bells and whistles.

Common Scenarios


You want to see real results with AI, but you want to test with a limited budget.


You have piloted an AI solution but the results are inconclusive.

See how we deliver revenue in under 3 months.

AI Revenue Flywheel

The first thing that most CEOs think of when they hear “AI and data warehouse” is cost, and if AI is not connected to revenue that is exactly how it will show up on the P&L.

We create revenue flywheels. For a fixed initial fee, we develop solutions that lead to clear attributable revenue with an ROI that paves the way for progressively more advance AI use cases.

Common Scenarios


You are searching for an AI approach that connects directly to your revenue goals.


You want to roll out AI profitably.

See our approach to creating Revenue Flywheels with AI.