Manufacturing & Supply Chain Optimization

Managing global supply chains requires deep knowledge of the strengths that each of the world’s manufacturing regions brings to the table. New entrants, particularly those building in small batches, often end up facing significant markups and feeling isolated from the suppliers because they are forced to work through a broker. They may not be aware of ways they could save on production costs and maintain tighter control over the quality of their components by splitting production across multiple regions, or may be reluctant to ‘fix what isn’t broken’ even if they have a brittle mess of a supply chain. Leveraging the strengths of multiple manufacturing regions as well as diversifying a pool of vendors carries benefits both to the bottom line, and to the overall value and robustness of a product portfolio.

This deep knowledge is exactly what SVSG’s veteran CTOs provide—technologists with experience not only working globally across manufacturing regions, but making products of varying batch size, use case, and technical needs in each market. SVSG is already delivering significant cost savings with this new strategic offering.

Proven Savings

IoT Practice Lead Gustavo Huber was working on a technology roadmap for an electronics manufacturer, when he realized that in order to scale the product, the client needed to source their components and assemblies more efficiently. By nearshoring the supply chain from China to the CaliBaja manufacturing region of Mexico, the client was able to secure greater control over the quality of the components by working directly with the manufacturers. By sourcing carefully, and integrating manufacturer-specific feedback, they have been able to achieve a 56% reduction in direct manufacturing costs.

Gustavo Huber

IOT Practice Lead

Los Angeles

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 719

Gustavo Huber is an experienced hardware product architect with over 1 million devices shipped under his belt. He has led lean R&D teams to design and deliver solutions ranging from Industrial IOT and Edge Computing for Fortune 1000 companies to educational toys and open source single-board computers for mass market. His prior projects include smart cities infrastructure, agricultural sensor networks, consumer products, and custom devices for large-scale marquee events.

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To learn more about our work to understand business objectives and supply chain requirements, determine whether nearshoring is a practical option for your business, craft product revision cycles, and our process to successfully manage deliverables, please contact us directly.

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