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Entrepreneur: Is That New Tech (Chatbots, AI, Blockchain) Really Valuable for Your Business? How to Find Out. image

Finding the best fit… There are some exciting new technology options that can push your business to the forefront of innovation. But how do you know which technology is the most valuable fit? One technology which has been receiving a great deal of consideration and attention by companies are chatbots. Chatbot technology in sum can be compared to a modern day customer ...

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SVSG on Bloomberg Radio: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Jobs & The Workforce image

On Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar, Matt Swanson – Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Software Group discusses how Artificial Intelligence can improve jobs & the workforce. Jim Whitehurst CEO Red Hat talks recent earnings and rethinking the organization in our era of disruption. Ken Herbert Managing Director and Analyst Canaccord Genuity discussing Boeing, Embraer forging a $4.75 billion commercial-jet venture. And ...

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Prediction: Self-Driving Car Manufacturers Will Own The Car Insurance Business image

Written by Bernard Fraenkel, Enterprise Practice Lead at Silicon Valley Software Group. Can you picture the day when your car insurance bill drops every month? This could very well happen as self-driving car manufacturers (SDCMs) take over the car insurance business. As it turns out, SDCMs have several powerful incentives to do so. Their primary motivation is to remove an adoption barrier to ...

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CNBC Closing Bell: What Major Tech Stocks Are Worth Buying In The Second Half Of 2018? image

Matt Swanson, SVSG managing partner, and Bruderman Brothers Vice Chairman Oliver Pursche, discuss whether the major tech stocks are still worth buying in the second half of the year. Too high, too expensive, or too fast? The Fab Four, better known as the FANG stocks, Facebook (FB), Amazon (AMZN), Netflix (NFLX) and Google parent Alphabet (GOOGL) are visibly resilient to ...

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TechTarget interviews Bernard Fraenkel on why data managers should study up on GPU deep learning standard

As GPU deep learning becomes more common, data managers will have to navigate several new layers of complexity in their quest to build or buy suitable data infrastructure. AI-related deep learning and machine learning techniques have become a common area of discussion in big data circles. The trend is something for data managers to keep an eye on for a ...

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