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SVSG’s CTOs and Solutions Architects have over 100+ years of combined Silicon Valley experience scaling their own successful companies and professional service divisions. Let our experienced team help you close more opportunities and scale your product, providing your team the bandwidth to focus on your core product and customers, all while increasing revenue.

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ProServe Team

  • Increase revenue
    • Capture more of your existing opportunities. No more losing deals because you don’t have a compelling Professional Services offering or your customers lack the bandwidth (or the ability) to integrate your product into their ecosystem.
  • Increase efficiency
    • We’ll automate the connection to your customers, reducing operational overhead of your internal staff, making every future deal more efficient.
  • Focus on the product
    • SVSG’s CTOs and Solutions Architects design and implement best practices tailored to your organization’s Professional Services needs – allowing your leadership, engineering and sales teams focus on the product.
  • Improve Customer Experience
    • The feedback loop from Professional Services to product, sales and marketing is invaluable. SVSG’s team ensures the proper procedures and process are set to optimally share this information throughout your organization

Technology Assessments

  • Evaluation and documentation of current technology infrastructure and its ability to meet specific business objectives
  • Benchmark tech, team, tools and processes in comparison to market leaders and new entrants
  • Go-forward system architecture and data center strategy
  • Phased execution plan and budget

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CTO Consulting

  • Fundraising Support
  • Fully-developed Technical Spec – System Architecture Diagram & Product Roadmap
  • Refactor and optimize existing codebase
  • Transparent & Trusted Process

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