SVSG CTO Geeta Chauhan quoted in Business Insider image

Courtesy of Nvidia recently announced a new graphics-processing unit (GPU) capable of supporting 8K video playback. "With the launch of the Turing chip this week, Nvidia has solidified its market leadership position in the graphics and AI space," Geeta Chauhan, chief technology officer with Silicon Valley Software Group, said in a recent note sent out to clients. "The new ray tracing engine will ...

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SVSG in U.S. News & World Report: Tesla Stock Soars Despite Losses image

Losing money and topping Wall Street's expectations... Tesla recently released earnings for Q2 which reported a loss of approximately $3.06 per share. In contrast, Tesla revenue numbers have soared which may help explain the 5% growth in stock price. Saudi Arabia may want to invest in Tesla.  COURTESY OF MASON TRINCA/THE WASHINGTON POST/GETTY IMAGES Nonetheless, should we be worried about Tesla’s trajectory and ...

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SVSG on Bloomberg Radio: Elon Musk Considers Taking Tesla Private image

On Bloomberg Radio with Bryan Curtis and Rishaad Salaamat, Matt Swanson - Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Software Group shares his views on Elon Musk's recent consideration to take Tesla Private. On August 7, 2018 at 9:48 AM, Elon Musk released a tweet stating that that he was considering taking Tesla private. Musk’s decision to potentially take the company private is ...

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SVSG on Bloomberg Radio: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Jobs & The Workforce image

On Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar, Matt Swanson - Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Software Group discusses how Artificial Intelligence can improve jobs & the workforce. Jim Whitehurst CEO Red Hat talks recent earnings and rethinking the organization in our era of disruption. Ken Herbert Managing Director and Analyst Canaccord Genuity discussing Boeing, Embraer forging a $4.75 billion commercial-jet venture. And Wayne ...

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TechTarget interviews Bernard Fraenkel on why data managers should study up on GPU deep learning standard

As GPU deep learning becomes more common, data managers will have to navigate several new layers of complexity in their quest to build or buy suitable data infrastructure. AI-related deep learning and machine learning techniques have become a common area of discussion in big data circles. The trend is something for data managers to keep an eye on for a ...

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Inc. Magazine puts SVSG as #1 of the top 5 growing consulting firms evolving to modernize companies standard

Last year, the global consulting market was worth more than $250 billion, with one company alone making $37 billion. Some companies shy away from pulling on consultancies, reasoning that they should be able to solve their problems internally or that consultants will have conflicts of interest that won't play out in their favor. But the continued rate of use of these consultancies ...

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