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A modern device is a dynamic device, able to learn new skills and generate insights that can be analyzed in real time. The current wave of emerging connective technologies, rising computing capacity-per-dollar, and the maturing of cloud services have enabled a new approach to product design, which we label the ‘Internet of Things’.

Less a technology stack than a philosophy of how devices should be architected to learn and change, this approach has given us norm-shattering contraptions from children’s toys that can read and speak to buildings that predict their own failure modes, as well as smart speakers and globally deployed fleets of vehicles that can be rented at the touch of a button.

The new capacities of these devices provide benefits to consumers ranging from unprecedented power efficiencies to newly captivating user experiences. IoT can look different when it’s applied to your wall heater than when it’s in your taxi cab, but all IoT devices are characterized by a rich interaction of user, device, and environment.

SVSG’s Chief Technology Officers lead organizations through these decisions, providing a wide spectrum of options as well as strategic tradeoffs and technical analysis related to time to market, cost, functionality, and longevity. Like all our offerings, SVSG’s IoT practice is technology agnostic—our recommendations are driven by the unique needs of each client, not our business interests or preferred vendors.

Due Diligence

Our industry-leading technical experts want to help you answer questions like:

  • Should your product connect to the internet?
  • Should your product map include a pivot to 5G?
  • Which IoT platform is best suited to your needs?

Product Roadmap

Our CTOs built and led tech teams in Silicon Valley and beyond. They’ll draw on this experience to help you:

  • Identify operational and technical needs for creating modern products
  • Create a viable product roadmap for a successful go to market strategy
  • Provide project management guidance to empower businesses to execute on IoT proposals  


Reports aren’t always enough in the IoT space. Our team is excited to not only help you build a roadmap, but also demonstrate its viability by:

  • Building prototypes to provide proof-of-concept on proposed IoT applications

Learn More

To learn more about how we work to understand business objectives and requirements, select the best IoT platform, analyze business trade-offs and risk, recommend solutions, and our process to successfully manage deliverables, please contact us directly.

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