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Matt Swanson

Managing Partner

San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 707

Matt Swanson has a background as a technologist in the fields of machine learning and crowdsourcing. With a wealth of experience in early stage startup development, Matt advises a number of companies on their technology strategy and serves as the acting CTO of others. Matt also works with enterprises to help incorporate innovation into their organizations.

Eric Leppo


Santa Monica & San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 701

At UC Berkeley, he worked in a large variety of software and hardware startups before receiving his Masters from UCLA. He then lead operations and business development at Google Ventures funded SpeakerText prior to its acquisition. He has consulted and designed crowdsourcing and media platforms for organizations including Yahoo, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, RetailMeNot, the Government of Malaysia and more.

Bernard Fraenkel

Practice Lead / VPE

San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 702

Bernard has over 20 years of experience leading engineering teams that deliver mission-critical software applications for the enterprise. His teams have delivered SaaS and mobile applications in markets as diverse as digital marketing, mobile banking, distributed storage, education, augmented reality, social messaging, email, web hosting, e-commerce, neuroscience and distance learning.

Adam Joffe


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 703

Adam is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in building and growing companies and their technology. Through extensive experience in online services, financial services, and a variety of content service types, Adam has lead efforts in creating successful technology companies, platforms and applications that provide cutting edge experiences for customers.

GIl Edelman


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 704

During two tenures as a startup CTO he contributed value in all stages of company building, from early stage development, through multiple investment rounds, and a successful exit. He has served as an architect of ecommerce, SaaS, crowdsourcing, and payments platforms. He also has a background in embedded systems and earned an MS degree after completing his graduate work at UC San Diego.

Geeta Chauhan


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 705

Software Technologist specializing in New Product Development and Innovation Pipeline Management for B2B and B2C for market leadership. Solid track record of building high performance teams and taking ideas from concept to market. Personally bringing to life and leading 13 B2B products from start to finish and new features across 40+ products and services.

Carter Smyth


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 712

Carter is an executive with over 25 years experience building technology teams to solve enterprise challenges in the financial services industry. He has extensive experience as both a bank officer and consultant in leading application development teams, international expansion projects, technology operations and global project management.

Alex Henry

UX/UI Architect

San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 706

Alex Henry is a seasoned product designer with experience in both establishing and running a multi-disciplinary design agency as well as entrepreneur building products and teams around SaaS and enterprise software.

Kevin Rohling


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 708

Kevin is an entrepreneur with a strong engineering and product background. Past work includes his role as an early engineer at (acq’d by PayPal), CTO at Breezy and CEO of CISimple. He's a technologist who enjoys working with new companies in exciting spaces and established firms with the desire to innovate.

David Kuchar


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 709

David left a PhD program to found two companies. The first, ASPNetMedia which licenses software to web developers, was built while living in Thailand. LendFriend, which was part of AngelPad and funded by Google Ventures and Science, helps people who know each other lend money to one another safely, legally, and with peace of mind.

Daniel Hackner


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 710

Dan holds a research degree with honors in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He has led multiple teams to success from the ground floor and transitioned companies through acquisitions. Dan has a passion for making cutting-edge technologies more accessible, is an avid Mandarin student and handles a variety of projects based in Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Eric Dunn


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 716

Eric has a track record of creating high-use, quality products (multiple 100k+ MAU deployments), with expertise in a broad range of skills including system architecture, product development methodologies, and organizational processes. He specializes in education technology, has an ever growing breadth of tech stack (JEE, LAMP, Universal JS), and a passion for social impact.

Kenneth Hurley


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 714

Kenneth Hurley is an experienced CTO with a strong background in software engineering enabling him to communicate complex technical ideas to non-technical participants. Kenneth previously founded Signature Devices, Inc., which he took public in 2005. He now applies his startup experience to help guide strategy and raise capital for tech companies.

Roger Toor


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 711

Roger Toor built a very successful tech company as CTO and founder, with backing from many of Silicon Valley’s finest investors and has gone on to be an advisor and board member of a wide variety of successful organizations. His career as a technical leader and entrepreneur has been high velocity since graduating from one of the UK’s best Computer Science schools.

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