We can help your organization

For seed-funded startups that require a full-time equivalent Chief Technology Officer, we provide:
  • Best practices in lean startup development methodologies
  • System architecture for products that need to scale
  • Leadership to maximize an engineering team
For venture-funded businesses that require a technology leader to augment current teams, we provide:
  • Engineering leadership to de-risk delays and reduce overhead
  • Technology architecture with rapid scale in mind
  • Sourcing and vetting at all levels of engineering, including executives
For late stage venture-backed companies or small enterprises, we accelerate growth by providing:
  • Technology assessment and modernization
  • Delivery acceleration
  • M&A support
For large corporations that are looking to stay ahead of technology disruption, we provide:
  • Training in proprietary lean development methodologies
  • Go-to-market strategies that leverage the latest tech trends
  • Strategic partnerships with emerging technology startups

Recent News and Thought Leadership

Is Technical Debt Killing your Company?

Too much debt, whether financial or technical, can cripple an organization’s freedom to move forward. However, unlike financial debt whose cost is spelled out in a statement, the burden of technical debt to a company is not immediately clear, as it cannot be measured by simply reading the code.

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