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Finding the best fit…

There are some exciting new technology options that can push your business to the forefront of innovation. But how do you know which technology is the most valuable fit? One technology which has been receiving a great deal of consideration and attention by companies are chatbots. Chatbot technology in sum can be compared to a modern day customer support call. The technology has been predicted by Matt Swanson, SVSG Managing Partner, to “fundamentally change the way humans interact with machines within a five-year horizon.”  

While some have doubted its trajectory and impact, the implementation and success by companies such as Facebook in this past year have proved otherwise. Businesses and prospects now trade eight billion messages a day on Messenger, up from 2 billion this time final 12 months. Moreover, the benefits and uses continue to grow ranging from helping improve customer experience to increasing productivity.


Is it right for you?

Chatbots clearly bring a lot of value to a company like Facebook. But what about yours?

Similar to implementing any new type of technology, it is important to consider a few steps that can better assist you in the decision-making process. Rahul Varshneya, Co-founder at Arkenea, highlights the following three steps:

  • 1. Get past “cool” and identify the value.
  • 2. When it comes to support, hold your own hand.
  • 3. Make sure you’re getting the expected bang for your buck.

Varshneya continues to advise,

Change is the fuel of business, and the tech world offers a bounty of opportunities to enhance your operations. This means that adopting new technologies into your business isn’t really optional”

…and we wholeheartedly agree. Read the full article at Entrepreneur here.

Implementing best-in-class solutions creates new business opportunities and if done right, can save significant resources for your company each year. Understanding which technology is the best option and value for your business goals and the technical lift involved is not always a simple task.

Due to the sheer volume of connections, number of users, or often custom technical infrastructure, a seasoned technology leader who has both the ability to understand the client’s existing technical foundation, as well as a deep knowledge of the latest technology tools, can be a critical advantage to finding the ideal solution. 

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