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If you look at almost anything written about Artificial Intelligence, the first thing you’ll see is references to 2001’s HAL, Blade Runner’s replicants and Terminator’s Skynet. Ad nauseam.

And this is the problem with AI. People’s expectations of it are based on the anthropomorphized images provided by pop-culture. Even today, if you ask people for an example of AI, they would mention Alexa or Siri, two of the most anthropomorphic AI systems that exist — they have human names and personalities!

Even the big news at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was Samsung’s human-like AI, Neon.

The fantasy that AI = sentience, hurts the public perception of AI and perhaps limits adoption. The truth is, the ways AI is used today is staggering.

From autocorrect to self-driving cars, from Netflix recommendations to saving lives, AI is everywhere. What exactly is AI? How does it work? What are its use cases and what is its future? We’ve created a primer that looks at these questions.

Siri, how’s traffic to work? AI Today

  1. In the last 10 years, AI has beaten Jeopardy champs, talked to us as Alexa, and learned how to drive. Revisiting the rise of AI: How far has artificial intelligence come since 2010?
  2. Don’t understand AI? Don’t worry, most people don’t … even scientists. How Artificial Intelligence Is Totally Changing Everything
  3. Another reason it’s so hard to understand AI is that it, and its components, have been poorly defined. A beginner’s guide to AI: Human-level machine intelligence
  4. AI can see, hear, touch, smell and read minds. Good job, AI! 13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today
  5. While data might be where most ethical debates occur today, the future of tech ethics problems is AI. What Does an AI Ethicist Do? A Chat with Microsoft’s Tim O’Brien
  6. One of those ethical problems is the “black box,” the decision-making part of AI that humans cannot see into. Demystifying the Black Box That Is AI

Siri, drive me to work: AI Tomorrow

  1. What’s in the cards for our friend AI? Forbes asked 120 senior executives involved in AI for their AI Predictions For 2020
  2. AI can save the world, or destroy it. You knew that was coming. 7 ways AI can change the world for better … or worse
  3. Right now, most devices need to be connected to the internet for AI to work. But that is changing. Bringing AI to the device: Edge AI chips come into their own
  4. Many countries are rolling out AI strategies at the national level. What would a American one look like? The United States Needs a Strategy for Artificial Intelligence
  5. The man behind IBM’s Watson — the AI that won Jeopardy — thinks AI needs to be redesigned. Neuro-symbolic A.I. is the future of artificial intelligence. Here’s how it works

Siri, do all my work: AI in the Workplace

  1. Wonder how your bank’s fraud protection works? Thanks, AI. How AI is Revolutionizing the Banking Sector
  2. Enterprise AI adoption is lagging, and this is due to the fear of the risks involved. How Enterprise Adoption of Artificial Intelligence Must Shift in 2020
  3. Building an AI strategy must start at the top. Four steps to building an AI-ready business
  4. AI is increasing productivity, boosting sales and streamlining hiring. How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Small Businesses
  5. It can also tell you which of your people to retain and promote. 10 Ways AI Will Impact Talent Mobility in 2020

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