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Intel is lagging on its competitors.

SVSG Practice Manager Carter Smyth discusses the ups and downs of Intel Stock and whether investors should take a bite of the Intel apple, or keep their distance? Will its stock price hold up under the pressure?

Intel has delayed the move to 10-nanometer chips and several companies have already announced seven-nanometer technology, so Intel risks getting leapfrogged here,” says Carter Smyth, This delay could present manufacturing bottlenecks and accounting issues that may take a year to be reflected in financial statements.

There could be a lot of innovation in semiconductor technology the public doesn’t know about, but that is based on the delayed 10-nanometer chip process,” Smyth says.

There is arguably potential for customization business to create proprietary silicon to optimize specific services for the large cloud providers. With some further clarification of strategy and finding the right leader, Intel could be compelling again…”

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