Last year, the global consulting market was worth more than $250 billion, with one company alone making $37 billion. Some companies shy away from pulling on consultancies, reasoning that they should be able to solve their problems internally or that consultants will have conflicts of interest that won’t play out in their favor.

But the continued rate of use of these consultancies indicates that others reject that mindset to gain access to new perspectives and additional skill sets, particularly in areas they’re less familiar with. One area in which many growing companies struggle is implementing technology — 63 percent of managers feel their organizations adopt new technology too slowly.

That represents a real struggle for these brands, which know that technology can help them solve problems, increase their productivity, and raise the bar on their growth goals. They may, however, not always know the best approach or have the in-house tech talent to make that happen. As frustrating as it may be, many companies falter in the execution stage — they can identify the problem, but they can’t carry out a solution that will make the problem go away.

1. Silicon Valley Software Group

Silicon Valley Software Group is a digital technology consulting company whose technology modernization includes navigating challenges in microservices, RPA, machine learning, AI, and supercomputing. These areas are becoming more and more important to companies that are needing to increase efficiency or get a leg up in competitive industries. There are more resources and tools popping up daily, so check out the company’s blog or other industry-related content around those topics to stay informed.

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