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Microservices - Featuring SVSG CTO Gil Edelman

Feb 23, 201810:00am PST1 hour
Microservices emergence as the leading edge of enterprise application development. Absent necessary expertise, companies can fail to capitalize on the opportunity.

To accelerate your learning curve, we will share best practices that bring deep knowledge and ultrafast deployment to microservices design and implementation.

Learn more about how you can reach high-value business objectives using the latest microservices deployment strategies.

Gil Edelman


San Francisco

+1 844 946 SVSG ex. 704

During two tenures as a startup CTO he contributed value in all stages of company building, from early stage development, through multiple investment rounds, and a successful exit. He has served as an architect of ecommerce, SaaS, crowdsourcing, and payments platforms. He also has a background in embedded systems and earned an MS degree after completing his graduate work at UC San Diego.

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