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As a preferred Twilio Service provider, SVSG has the expertise to create customizable call centers and add new capabilities or capacity to existing solutions. By migrating to a cloud-based model, your organization can increase flexibility while reducing costs, allowing for faster, more reliable customer service.

Here are some of the many benefits to building a custom cloud based telephony solution:

  • CRM integration – Legacy call center systems often use a proprietary CRM, limiting an organizations ability to use the right CRM for their business.  This results in a arduous process of managing and reconciling multiple CRM tools.  With a custom Twilio call center, you can use the CRM solution that works best for your organization.
  • Customer tracking – Tools like Zendesk have allowed customer service agents to give quicker and higher quality responses to customer inquiries.  By integrating Zendesk into an agent’s call dashboard, a representative can quickly see the issues of the customer without having to ask the customer for any additional information.
  • Dynamic call routing – Consider a customer calling into a traditional call center.  There are numerous inputs that the customer must enter in order to be connected with the right representative.  Many customers drop off because the process is too cumbersome.  With Twilio APIs, you can profile a customer simply by using the customer’s phone number.  Next, by using the above integrations the customer can be connected to the correct representative without entering a single input.

There are many other possibilities to improve your organization’s call center capabilities using the Twilio platform.  Want to find out more?  Contact us and we’ll get started.


After an initial conversation with an SVSG associate, you’ll meet with an SVSG solutions architect.  Our architects work with you to understand your objectives, then design, develop and implement a solution to meet your goals. Your project’s progress is tracked in our secure, proprietary Project Dashboard software providing you continous updates on the status of your project. Our architects are engaged and available for phone and in-person consultations throughout the development of your project.

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