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Lean and Agile: Partners in Customer Delight image

Lean Startup and Agile (whether the latter is Scrum, Extreme Programming, or Kanban) share common roots in Lean Manufacturing, the work Deming did with Toyota beginning in the 1950s to increase quality and throughput through teamwork. (Lean was virtually synonymous with the word Kanban just a few years ago, in programming, until the advent of Eric Ries’ book Lean Startup usurped the word.)

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Innovation in the Enterprise Done Right image

Technology in it of itself is not a cure all to innovation. Technology needs to map to business objectives which in turn are derived from the changing market landscape. In this post, we highlight one impressive example of corporate innovation done right: namely Target’s efforts in leveraging its mid-market consumer brand to take advantage of the trends happening in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology space.

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Agile for SMEs image

Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) as well as larger, established, companies are augmenting their brick and mortar presence with an online presence. Concurrently, Agile Software Development Methodology (“Agile”) has been almost universally adopted by venture-backed software companies. In the following, SVSG offers a primer to SMEs on how to get started with Agile: what must be done right at the onset, and what to avoid.

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CTO Panel Reflection: Farhad Farzaneh image

A few nights ago I attended a SVSG panel discussion, which focused on the attributes of a successful startup CTO. Broadly speaking, there was agreement that the CTO has to have business sensibility, understand the product, and take a primary role in the development. However, based upon some of the questions that followed, it seems there may be some value to further elaborate on what the role entails and how it co-exists or overlaps with the roles of product management, VP engineering, lead developer and software architect.

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