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SVSG on Bloomberg Radio: Cyber Monday’s Relationship With AI (Podcast) image

On Bloomberg Radio with Carol Massar & Jason Kelly, Matt Swanson, Managing Partner at Silicon Valley Software Group, discusses how retail technology trends play into Cyber Monday sales. Focused execution with the right vision and leadership has been the key to success for Silicon Valley Companies. If you are looking to transform your business, reach out to us at +1 844 946 ...

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How Your Company Can Implement Artificial Intelligence Now image

Written by SVSG CTO & AI Practice Lead Geeta Chauhan The recent growth of AI technology in enterprises, organizations, venture- and series-funded corporations is unparalleled, and not stopping anytime soon. We can thank the tech giants—like Google, Apple, and Facebook—for much of the AI we use every day. If you’ve ever used Google Translate or accepted a tagging suggestion on Facebook, ...

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How Deep Learning Is Transforming The World Of FinTech image

Written by SVSG CTO & AI Practice Lead Geeta Chauhan The integration of AI and Deep Learning into the financial industry isn’t stopping anytime soon. The AI revolution is growing. Gartner predicts by 2018, 80% of data scientists will have deep learning in their toolkits and by 2019, deep learning will be a critical driver for best-in-class performance for demand, ...

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