Interim Technology Leadership

CTO Advisory

When your team doesn’t have enough bandwidth or specific expertise in new and emerging technologies, ensure mission critical projects are done right, the first time. If there is a vacancy, our CTOs, CIOs, VPEs and Architects ensure momentum and product development do not stop while helping your organization vet new permanent candidates for long term success.

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TurnKey Solutions

Bringing SVSG’s full product and development teams to the table, an SVSG CTO can coordinate product and technology development to bring new products to market from inception to launch.


Ensure a seasoned leader is at the helm. If there is a vacancy, our CTOs ensure momentum and product development do not stop while helping your org vet new permanent candidates for long term success.

Product Roadmap

SVSG CTOs provide guidance in choosing the right feature set to help a company validate their product goals in the shortest realistic timeframe.

Process Management

What is your cost per story point? Incorporate the Lean Startup Methodology, Agile development practices and other development processes that can save any company significant time and capital.

Toolset Analysis

Is your company automating its operations to the fullest extent?  Many organizations substitute technology tools with manual processes which ends up costing the company much more time and capital than if they would start with the right tools in place.  SVSG CTOs evaluate the marketing, sales, finance and product functions of an organization to help determine the most productive tools to reduce operational overhead.

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