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The Next Phase of Growth

Successful companies are able to increase their growth while concurrently upgrading technology, talent, methodologies, tools, and processes. SVSG’s CTO team has a clear track record of leading hundreds of Silicon Valley companies and technical teams to success. As the world’s leading CTO consulting group (called “Tech Illuminati” by Inc. Magazine) SVSG has the experience to understand our client’s industries, market position, and individual goals then design and implement truly innovative solutions utilizing the latest technologies to ensure those goals are achieved by an efficient, scalable solution. So whether you require additional technical and team leadership for a critical initiative, short term assistance in a particular area of expertise, or need to increase the velocity of your existing team, at SVSG, we have the solution you can trust.

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Technology Assessments

  • Evaluation and documentation of current technology infrastructure and its ability to meet specific business objectives
  • Benchmark tech, team, tools and processes in comparison to market leaders and new entrants
  • Go-forward system architecture and data center strategy
  • Phased execution plan and budget

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Delivery Acceleration

  • Guaranteed 100% velocity increase while saving at least 10% of current cost
  • CTOs specialized in your technology stack and industry leading a parallel engineering team within two weeks of contact
  • Data Driven insights producing quantifiable savings through changes in team, methodology and tools

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Technology Modernization

  • Assessment of existing technology stack
  • Alternative implementation options
  • Retooling of team, organization, tools, methodology
  • Updated System Architecture Diagrams, Technical Specifications, Product Roadmap
  • Phased refactoring and implementation utilizing existing or augmented team

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  • Technology assessment in the context of investment thesis
  • Actionable plan to unlock company’s value
  • Immediate delivery execution upon deal close
  • Team of CTOs, UX designers, and developers

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