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The challenge

For early stage companies, it can be challenging to bring on technology leadership due both lack of resources needed to attract a full-time CTO as well as the difficulty of vetting qualified individuals. Our team of technology leaders has extensive experience serving as architects and can provide both hands on and high-level technology guidance to ensure progress of your product and your company stay on a growth trajectory.

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MVP Services

  • CTO Matchmaking & Braintrust
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Rapid, Scalable Development (done right, the first time)
  • Metrics analysis, implementation, and KPI guidance

Interim CTO

  • Fundraising Support
  • Fully-developed Technical Spec – System Architecture Diagram & Product Roadmap
  • Refactor and optimize existing codebase
  • Transparent & Trusted Process

Product Launch & Acceleration

  • De-risked Delays and Reduced Overhead
  • Stabilize Production
  • Stress Test (DDOS Attacks, Materials Review)
  • Ux/Ui Review and Recommendations Based on Metrics

Technology Hiring

  • Technology Hiring & Vetting
  • Team Configuration & Audits
  • Augment Existing Teams
  • Hiring Strategy

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