Services for M&A

Services for M&A

SVSG’s CTO braintrust is comprised of Silicon Valley CTOs who have led teams that have created industry leading products and technologies as well as participated in the acquisition of technology companies. These experiences are invaluable when assessing a company’s core technology, its effectiveness at bringing new products to market and its ability to grow revenues in a highly competitive environment. SVSG CTOs have conducted numerous evaluations on technology organizations, and leverage both formal tools and our creativity to tease out the differentiated strengths and weaknesses of technology products and teams.

Our pre-deal Technology Assessment will give an in-depth look at every facet of the organization and its technology infrastructure. With our post-deal Delivery Acceleration service, SVSG will bring in our team of technical leaders (CTO’s, UX designers and developers) to start executing core projects immediately upon deal closing to maximize the success of the acquisition.

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To speak to an SVSG Practice Lead or Partner about our M&A services please contact us directly at +1 844 946 SVSG or via our Contact Form.  For further reading you can download a PDF of our services description below. Along with your download, SVSG will also provide complimentary registration to our upcoming webinar on technology modernization.

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