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Technology Assessment Service Description

Bridging the gap between current and future success requires an objective, experienced perspective, combined with the practical knowledge to put the plan to reach future goals in place. SVSG’s Technology Assessment service takes a holistic approach, analyzing every facet (state of technology today, data center infrastructure, engineering productivity tools and methodologies, and the team’s talent and culture) of your company and its technology, and providing your organization with a plan to reach its goals.

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Your company requires a Technology Assessment when you’ve encountered the following needs:

  • Need to Double Velocity and 10x Scale: Business is booming. As a consequence, development speed needs to double in the next few months, while the application needs to handle 10x the traffic
  • Tech Stack Upgrade: Outdated technology disallows taking advantage of new opportunities. Therefore, a rapid upgrade of the technology stack is required to satisfy new prospects, while continuing to serve existing customers
  • M&A: How good is the technology of the target company? Is the software easy to maintain? Are the technology, team, methodology and tools capable of meeting the objectives of the investment thesis?
  • Turn-around: Figure out why the Engineering team is not working at optimal productivity levels. Is it leadership, technological debt, tech stack, people, methodology, tools? Recommend corrective action

The SVSG Process

SVSG’s Technology Assessment service is a detailed and diverse plan to help your organization reach its goals. We focus on 3 main facets: a Business Objectives Review, our Technical Evaluation, and Engagement Execution.

Business Objectives Review

We begin by ensuring that your short (12 month) and long term (3 year) business objectives are clearly conveyed in the product and technology roadmaps.

3 Dimensions of Technical Evaluation

We first review Technology and Tools, which define the current state, then continue with Methodology, and Team, which inform the organization’s ability to execute in the future.

  • Technology and Tools
    • Does the software architecture deliver today what the engineering team promises?
    • Is the code well written and organized? How far can the product scale?
    • How much technical debt does the company carry?
    • Is the operational infrastructure (data center) commensurate to product maturity?
    • For M&A: How easy will it be to integrate the acquired technology and data center into our own?
  • Methodology
    • Do all actors in product development (product management, developers, QA, DevOps) use metrics, methodology and tools that are aligned and integrated?
    • Are engineering productivity and DevOps tools consistent with the product maturity?
  • Team
    • Does the product team have all necessary skills, individually and collectively? Does the culture support innovation and tight collaboration?
    • For M&A: Is the talent of the target company as good or better than our own? Will they accept our company culture?

Engagement Execution

  • Assess Current State: Technology & tools, methodology, and team, within the business context
  • Architect End State: Determine the next major version of the technology stack, and the team’s development velocity
  • Define Execution Plan: based on target technology stack and velocity, create a product roadmap and associated technology roadmap

Project Deliverables

Upon conclusion of the project, SVSG will deliver:

  • An Executive Summary providing an overall assessment of the technology as corresponding to the stated business objectives
    • Summary of business objectives
    • Recommendations: tactical and strategic
  • Long term reference architecture:
    • Technology stack
    • APIs, main entities schema
    • Data center system architecture
  • Quarterly high-level release plan based on business objectives and available resources
  • Recommended changes in team, methodology, and tools

In the case of M&A deals, we provide not only an assessment of the value of the target company’s technology,  but also a complete plan to achieve the business objectives, whether they be integration with the product line of the acquiring company, or an exit for an investment firm. See our “Services for M&A

SVSG Expertise

SVSG is comprised of Silicon Valley CTOs who have led teams that have created unique products and technologies as well as participated in the acquisition of technology companies.  This experience is invaluable when assessing a company’s growth and potential, and helping it bridge the gap to future success. SVSG CTOs have conducted numerous evaluations on technology organizations, and leverage not only formal tools, but our creativity and experience to discover the differentiated strengths and weaknesses of technology teams, all in an effort to bring them to what we call “Silicon Valley Speed”: the perfect combination of velocity and execution that allows companies to achieve success.

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