Technology Assessment

Technology Assessment

Technology assessment provides an evaluation of the technologies currently deployed, and the identification of alternate technologies that may provide significant advantage. This assessment includes short and long term consequences of the both the current technology stack and future options as they relate to meeting your business goals and and ultimately enabling your organization to win in your market. Bridging the gap between current and future success requires an objective, experienced perspective, combined with the practical knowledge to put a plan place to reach future goals.

Process Overview

An SVSG account manager will meet with you to understand the stage of your company and products in order to match you with the best fit technologists from our team. SVSG provides various levels of assessment ranging from short “sanity checks” that can be accomplished in as little as 20 hours to more in depth analysis for M&A or in preparation for designing architectural options for refactoring.

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You can find our more about how we work to understand business objectives and requirements, select the best architecture and technology stack, analyze business trade-offs and risk, recommend solutions, and our process to successfully manage deliverables by downloading our Technical Assessment Detailed Service Description or by contacting us directly. Along with your download, SVSG will also provide complimentary registration to our upcoming webinar on technology modernization.

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