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Services for M&A

Properly judging the value of an asset both pre and post acquisition can mean the difference between a massive profit and a debilitating failure. Whether you are a corporate acquirer or private equity firm, the success of an acquisition depends on two major factors: understanding the true value of the asset prior to bidding, and realizing the anticipated value once the purchase has been consumed.

However, your organization may not have the resources and experience to determine these values.

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SVSG CTO’s have the unique combination of experience, background, and talent to perform the assessments necessary for a successful acquisition. Our pre-deal Technology Assessment will give an in-depth look at every facet of the organization. Beyond technology, analyzing the organization’s team, culture, and methodology will allow us to gauge whether or not their ability and velocity align with the goals set forth by the investment thesis. From here, we can predict just how much of your company’s collateral (time, effort, money) will be required to unlock the target company’s value.

With our post-deal Delivery Acceleration service, SVSG will bring in our team of technical leaders (CTO’s, UX designers and developers) to start executing the projects immediately upon deal closing, which will maximize the success of the acquisition. The deep talent pool of the SVSG roster allows the organization to begin producing code in a matter of days.

The SVSG Process


Depending on the nature of the acquisition, SVSG will deliver:

  • Due Diligence
    • Executive Summary providing an overall assessment of the Technology to the stated investment thesis
    • Go-forward reference architecture: Technology stack and data center system architecture
    • High-level schedule and budget estimate to accomplish key business objectives
      • Recommended changes in team, methodology and tools
      • Proposal for a post-deal execution plan
  • Post-deal Execution
    • Working, tested, code per the due diligence plan
    • Upgrade to data center architecture, infrastructure and toolchain
    • Coaching and training to implement changes in team, methodology and tools

SVSG Expertise

SVSG is comprised of Silicon Valley CTO’s who have not only led their own teams in building products and technologies but who have also participated in the successful acquisitions of other companies. This wealth of background and experience makes SVSG an authority on assessing companies for acquisition, based not only on technology, but also the ability to create a market-ready product and grow revenue in a competitive environment. Our CTO’s have utilized their experience, as well as their formal tools and unique creativity, to conduct numerous evaluations on technology companies, in order to tease out the differentiated strengths and weaknesses of potential acquisition organizations.

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