Digital Transformation

Exploit technology to win.

Digital Transformation

Synchronize your technology and team, empowering them to work together holistically to optimize digital innovation, driving your continuous evolution in an ever-changing market.

  • Ensure your people, processes and technology evolve
    in-sync to meet your needs and achieve your goals
  • Increase velocity and accelerate delivery
  • Future-proof your company
  • Review and rewire struggling transformation
    projects, steering them towards success
  • Optimize technology for growth
  • Future-proof your company

Digital transformation is as much about your company’s culture as it as about technology. SVSG works with you to keep your organizational and technological alignment smooth and in-synch. Focusing on people and processes, we help future-proof your business while ensuring consistent profits. Our technology-modernization and delivery-acceleration services ensure that your technology does what you want it to, now and in the long term, while keeping it agile so you can adjust to shifting market needs and profit from growth opportunities.

SVSG Digital Transformation CTOs

Gil Edelman

During two tenures as a startup CTO, Gil has contributed value in all stages of company building, from early stage development through multiple investment rounds, as well as a successful exit.

Adam Joffe

Adam is a seasoned executive with over 25 years’ experience in building and growing companies and their technology.

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About SVSG

Synchronize your company’s technology and culture, helping them work together holistically to optimize digital innovation and ensure your continuous evolution in an ever-changing market.

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