Digital Innovation

Exploit technology to win.

Digital Transformation is not enough. In the modern economy, innovation is a constant and evolution a necessity. Every organization needs to continuously synchronize its business strategy, technology and people to drive innovation, delivering continuous evolution in an ever-changing market. SVSG has led innovative projects for some of the most successful brands on the planet, including JD Power whose Digital Innovation project with SVSG resulted in a billion dollar acquisition.

Our collaborative, hands-on process means our team works WITH your team to ensure organizational and technological alignment is smooth and in-synch AND ensures your team gains the knowledge to maintain alignment on an on-going basis. Focusing on people, processes and complementary technologies we help future-proof your business while ensuring consistent profits. Our technology-modernization approach and ability to provide full turnkey solutions ensures that your technology does what you want it to, now and in the long term, while keeping it agile so you can adjust to shifting market needs and profit from growth opportunities.

Technology Modernization

  • Assessment of existing technology stack
  • Alternative implementation options
  • Retooling of team, organization, tools, methodology
  • Updated System Architecture Diagrams, Technical Specifications, Product Roadmap
  • Phased refactoring and implementation utilizing existing or augmented team

Turnkey Solutions

We can more than double your entire org’s product development and delivery bandwidth. Our turnkey solutions pair an SVSG CTO and Product Architect together along with our world class development teams to bring new products to market from inception to launch. Before a single line of code is written, you’ll have a full architecture diagram to understand what is being done and why, system specifications, and a development plan broken down into weekly sprints with deliverables and a budget you can rely on. We are able to take entire projects off of your hands, deliver them to your team and quickly transition off.

Learn More

You can find out more about how we work to understand business objectives and requirements, select the best architecture and technology stack, analyze business trade-offs and risk, recommend solutions, and our process to successfully manage deliverables by contacting us directly.

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