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Delivery Acceleration Service Description

Selecting the right technology to build a product requires vision, context, and a deep understanding of the organization’s short and long-term goals. As new technologies emerge, competing with disrupter companies from innovation pockets like Silicon Valley require SMEs to execute at the same velocity: Silicon Valley Speed.

Moving to Agile is not a universal panacea, unless it is intelligently customized to the company’s business context – and embraces the complete product team (product management, user experience, development, QA and IT operations – even the exec staff). SVSG CTOs accelerate delivery across organizations by aligning the whole product team along goals that are synced with the company’s short and medium term objectives.

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Rapid execution of knowledge acquisition, organizational restructuring, methodology and process review, and team expansion allows organizations to accelerate through transitionary phases of growth with minimal friction.

SVSG CTOs have been through these transformational periods and leverage their experience to guide your organization through this process. SVSG engineering resources support CTOs in the exeution of new plans and transfer knowledge, eliminating the latency associated with hiring and scaling an internal team.

Our Delivery Acceleration service execute the recommendations resulting from a Technology Assessment engagement. We complement the CTO(s) who performed the assessment with a team of talented developers to execute our recommendations.

  • Need to Double Velocity and 10x Scale: We implement the new architecture design to achieve the 10x scale of the application. We also coach the Engineering leadership on how to restructure organization, methodology, toolchain, and talent – as necessary
  • Tech Stack Upgrade: SVSG CTO(s) collaborate with your organization to retool the technology stack, while operating the service uninterrupted. See our “Technology Modernization Service Description
  • M&A: Once the deal is closed, we execute the plan to achieve the business objectives, whether they be integration with the product line of acquiring company, or an exit for an investment firm. See our “Services for M&A
  • Turn-around: SVSG CTO(s) partner with leadership team to upgrade the tech stack, augment the talent on an interim basis, restructure the engineering organization and its methodologies, or simply to accelerate the repayment of technology debt

Engagement Examples

  • Hardening a proof-of-concept code into a production-ready product
  • Re-architecting a product to handle 10x-100x current traffic
  • Re-architecting products currently sold on premise for SaaS delivery
  • Re-architecting products to migrate from hosted data center to AWS/Azure/Google Cloud. Evaluate the use of vendor-proprietary technologies versus keeping generic technologies to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Refactoring, or redesigning, outdated technology stack to meet the demands of today’s users: REST-less APIs, responsive design, mobile clients, integrated business intelligence
  • Implementing analytics & business intelligence sub-systems
  • Assessing product development toolchain (from product management through UX, development, QA, DevOps, to IT) and ensure a consistent toolchain end-to-end
  • Coaching team to apply “effective Agile” vs “Agile by the book” methodologies
  • Reinventing product development workflow that optimizes time from idea to new revenue
  • Upgrading data center architecture, and tool chains, to be consistent with product architecture and technology stack

The SVSG Process

SVSG executes projects using the Agile Product Development Methodology

  • 2-week sprints concluded with tested code
    • Code must be accepted by (a) product owner and (b) QA team
  • Daily standup with team
  • “Show and tell” to business team at the end of each sprint
  • Backlog review, prioritization and drill-down specification of user stories for next sprint
  • Preliminary task allocation and scoping for next sprint

Project Deliverables

Upon conclusion of the project, SVSG delivers

  • Working and tested code per the Sprint plan
  • Upgrade to data center architecture, infrastructure and toolchain
  • Documentation supported by knowledge transfer seminars
  • Recommended changes in team, methodology and tools

SVSG Expertise

SVSG is comprised of Silicon Valley CTOs who have led teams that have created unique products and technologies as well as participated in the acquisition of technology companies. This experience is invaluable when assessing a company’s core technology, its effectiveness at bringing new products to market and its ability to grow revenues in a highly competitive environment. SVSG CTOs have conducted numerous evaluations on technology organizations, and leverage both formal tools and our creativity to tease out the differentiated strengths and weaknesses of technology teams.

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