Delivery Acceleration

Delivery Acceleration

As new technologies emerge, the ability to compete with disruptive companies from innovation pockets like Silicon Valley require organizations to design and execute at the same velocity or risk loss of users, market share and revenue. From our beginnings accelerating the product and software development speeds of trillion dollar Japanese companies, SVSG has given every organization it has worked with the ability to work at Silicon Valley Speed (see case studies).

Through having Silicon Valley Software Group’s seasoned CTOs augment an organization’s tech leadership and engineering capacity, more projects are completed, faster, typically at less than the cost of a company’s internal team and half the cost of the big five consultancies.

Process: Move faster, move smarter

SVSG removes the unnecessary layers of consulting, connecting you directly with proven tech CTOs and VPEs (see team page) who can understand your business objectives, architect technical solutions to solve those objectives and build a team of SVSG product designers and engineers to execute the chosen solutions. Our teams follow SVSG’s proven design and delivery processes to ensure your work is done right, the first time. Your SVSG CTOs are supported by an SVSG Engagement Manager, an elite team of engineers hand picked by these CTOs, and a full operations team.

The critical thing in developing software is not the program, it’s the design. It is translating understanding of user needs into something that can be realized…
– Mitch Kapor

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To learn more about our Delivery Acceleration Services, contact us directly. If you would like to read more about motivators for delivery acceleration, specific engagement examples, deliverables and more, you can download our services description (see button below). Along with your download, SVSG will also provide complimentary registration to our upcoming webinar on technology modernization.

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