Analytics: AI & ML

Turn data into answers.

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Improve performance and optimize corporate and consumer insights with AI technology that learns from your data, unearthing the patterns and predicting the outcomes your company needs.

  • Data Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Turn data into actionable answers
  • Gain 3D insights into your customers in real-time
  • Customer Intelligence & Optimization

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing business at every level, powering real-time customer intelligence, reducing fraud, speeding up supply chains, training machines to predict their own malfunction, and even powering self-driving cars. SVSG can help you build AI tools to unlock your technology’s next-gen potential. 

SVSG Analytics & Big Data CTOs

Gil Edelman

During two tenures as a startup CTO, Gil has contributed value in all stages of company building, from early stage development through multiple investment rounds, as well as a successful exit.

Geeta Chauhan

Geeta Chauhan is seasoned executive with 20+ years of experience building new products and leading diverse global teams, scaling and architecting complex distributed systems for companies ranging from nimble startups to Fortune 500s.

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About SVSG

Inc. Magazine ranked Silicon Valley Software Group (SVSG) as the #1 growing consulting firm evolving to modernize companies in 2018. An international group of Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), SVSG provides technology leadership services to companies of all sizes. We lead our clients to the forefront of innovation, solving business and humanitarian issues by applying best-fit advanced technologies that meet each organization's unique goals, market position and resources. We are known for accelerating and delivering at twice the speed of traditional consulting organizations by trimming the fat off traditional consulting processes. Past clients include JD Power, Yahoo Japan, UpWork, Cadence Design Systems, Alegion, Doctors Without Borders, Kaltura, and The Government of Malaysia, along with world leading VCs and PE firms.

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