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SVSG Client Note, COVID19 Edition standard

For years now, although SVSG has several physical offices, we have largely worked remotely. In the current crisis, our experience with virtual teams is helping us and our clients execute faster and more effectively than ever. With video conferencing, highly interactive communications platforms and our deep experience working virtually, we can help your team move forward.

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SVSG in Forbes: Lessons Learned From 50 Technical Due Diligence Reviews, Part 1 image

Having performed technical due diligence reviews across a variety of industries and company sizes for Venture Capital, Private Equity and M&A deals, has allowed SVSG to empirically identify patterns, which Bernard Fraenkel shares on Forbes in a series of articles for the benefit of founders, CEOs, CTOs, investors and acquirers. In this first article in the series, he focuses ...

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SVSG in Forbes: Convincing Your CEO To Rearchitect The Tech Stack image

CTO's know when the current code base is too old: it takes forever to get new features out, response time for end-users is slow, tools are outdated, etc. Yet these issues may barely trigger  raised eyebrow from your CEO. Here's helpful advice from SVSG CTO and Practice Lead Bernard Fraenkel on how to get your point across: Image credit: GETTY Find Out How ...

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SVSG in Forbes: Will AI Save The Movie Consumer? image

McKinsey’s recent survey, “The state of AI in 2020”, shows that AI adoption at scale remains limited to a few industry sectors and a limited set of business functions. This article is the first in a series that details instances of companies both large and small applying AI to solve real-world problems: how they recognized the problem and worked ...

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