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SVSG Client Note, COVID19 Edition standard

For years now, although SVSG has several physical offices, we have largely worked remotely. In the current crisis, our experience with virtual teams is helping us and our clients execute faster and more effectively than ever. With video conferencing, highly interactive communications platforms and our deep experience working virtually, we can help your team move forward.

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May 2020: Everything you know about 5G is a lie standard

Contents The Reality Use Cases Friends, Despite major advertising pushes on the part of mobile carriers, most U.S. consumers don’t even know what 5G is. It doesn’t help that they can’t even get a straight answer from the companies that sell it. AT&T was just asked by the National Advertising Review Board to stop calling its network “5G Revolution,” seeing as it’s merely an ...

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April 2020: Computer vision is disrupting these 8 industries. What’s next? standard

Contents Computer Vision – An Overview Links of Interest Friends, As we emerge from several months of strangeness, we are looking forward to what is next.  This week, we look at computer vision. Computer vision is everywhere, but is still cutting edge in most industries. While yet to gain wide consumer notice, it is expected to be worth $28B by 2030, according ...

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