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Silicon Valley Software Group Receives 2019 San Francisco Award image

View of San Francisco at Night

SAN FRANCISCO December 15, 2019 -- Silicon Valley Software Group has been selected for the 2019 San Francisco Award in the Consultants category by the San Francisco Award Program. Each year, the San Francisco Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the ...

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Child’s Play: Connected toys show the future of security and design image

The digital devices that will have the biggest impact on your kids may not be the ones you expect. Increasingly, the next generation’s earliest relationships with technology will be shaped by the consumer ‘Internet of Things’ creations we call connected toys, as opposed to mundane and obviously-technological devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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December 2019: Voice technology has captured consumers’ imaginations and wallets…. So, what’s next? standard

December 2019 Friends, We’ve heard a lot last month about how hackers are targeting voice, but it doesn’t seem to be deterring consumers. Gen Z and younger users in particular are huge adopters of voice and view voice as a primary means of interfacing with technology. We decided that, with likely millions of voice-enabled devices being bought (and being used for shopping) ...

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Geeta Chauhan: Be willing to place big bets before everyone else image

SVSG is excited to share that its AI Practice Lead, Geeta Chauhan, has been nominated for CTO of the Year in the 2019 Silicon Valley Women in IT Awards. Geeta is a seasoned veteran of Silicon Valley, with over 25 years’ experience leading teams of developers. She has worked for startups and Fortune 500s, built and launched 17+ platforms and countless applications based on Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Internet of Things, and other cutting edge techniques. She’s been a trusted advisor for investment firms during merger and acquisitions and venture funding, and led over a dozen due diligence projects across US and Europe with total of ~$200 Million investments.

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Technical Debt White Paper standard

Technical Debt comes from multiple sources, not just from code written too quickly, but also from natural causes such as a UX paradigm that becomes dated, or an architecture that can no longer support traffic that has grown 10x since its design. This whitepaper examines the various origins of technical debt, presents how to analyze the burden and risks brought ...

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