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SVSG in Forbes: The Art Of Technical Due Diligence image

After participating in dozens of TDD projects, I've learned that there are many ways to solve a technical challenge -- including using frameworks or programming languages that I personally wouldn't touch. It is thus critical to put aside one’s own ideas of technical purity and “the right way of doing things” during TDD and to have an open mind about how technology can be used.

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Ethical AI is Possible, a Postcard from the Future image

As we move into a world of AI First solutions, there has been a lot of debate, fear, and hope about the impact it will have on our lives. A new field of Ethically Aligned AI has emerged as a result, and this article attempts to paint a vision of hope for year 2022, describing the possibilities if the movement achieves its goals, and then explains why I think this future is possible.

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Technical Due Diligence, Explained image

Bernard Fraenkel, SVSG Practice Lead, explains the process of technical due diligence, a key step in the technology company investment cycle. Bernard has led engineering teams of all sizes for over 30 years in Silicon Valley and around the world, and has overseen more than a dozen due diligence assessments.

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Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: Overview image

In high-profile discussions of deep learning on professional panels or in the media, leading experts always point to medical diagnostics as one of the most exciting and significant applications of the technology. Yet there is a disconnect—medical diagnostics using AI is getting a lot of hype but still not enough in the way of action. AI has begun impacting people’s ...

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