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I know, I know, we’ve all heard enough about COVID-19….. However, since we are in the middle of it, now is a good time to think about long-term changes the pandemic is bringing about.

From the massive shift to telecommuting and e-learning, to our awareness of the fragility of the supply lines and the fear that China’s success in quelling the virus will lead to a stronger surveillance state, the societal effects of the coronavirus remain with us long after the virus is controlled.

No one knows when the coronavirus will be contained, but once it is, the world might have changed in significant ways. In the world of technology, it certainly will. There is some indication the world will emerge out of this a better place.

With that in mind, we devote March’s newsletter to how our relationship with technology will be different in a post-coronavirus world.

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Long Term Impacts

“Every single pandemic we’ve experienced so far has surprised us in some way,” says demographer, Dr. C. Jessica Metcalf. Pandemics can change the future as much as a global war or economic depression — think of the Spanish flu at the end of World War I or the HIV/AIDS outbreak in the 1980s.

We cannot predict when the coronavirus will end. It is hard enough to predict what it will look like tomorrow.

What we can predict, though, is that some tech-enabled behavioral changes that have occurred during Covid-19, like more companies allowing telecommuting, will remain. The adoption of some technologies used to fight the coronavirus will accelerate, like drones, medical robots and autonomous robots.

Here is a look at how we and others think the coronavirus will leave its legacy on technology.

The Good Fight

  • MIT released an app that lets you track whether or not you have come in contact with someone with the coronavirus. It’s available for iOS and Android, though still in the prototype phase.
  • Smart sinks that use computer-vision and IoT technology to help you wash your hands better.

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