Data Seal

us-open-dataWhat is Data Seal?

DATA SEAL was developed by the U.S. Open Data Institute in cooperation with SVSG to provide organizations with a means of registering and thereby authenticating publicly exposed data via a unique and secure registration number. This protects both those making the data public and those attempting to access it by preventing hacked documents from being mistaken for official.

Why use Data Seal?

Governments are required to release certain data such as state constitutions, session laws, and codes. These data releases need to abide by local, state and federal laws such as the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA). UELMA provisions state that  “legal material be…authenticated, by providing a method to determine that it is unaltered”. This is to protect both the agencies releasing the material from being misrepresented, and those attempting to access the material from being misinformed. Data Seal is the tool to facilitate this protection.

How to integrate Data Seal into your organization:

data-seal-dataflowIntegrating new software solutions into existing infrastructure and maintaining it can be a complex, resource intensive, time-consuming process for any organization. That’s why SVSG is proud to offer a first-of-its-kind Data Seal solution.

Our subscription-based hosted solution provides organizations the full functionality of Data Seal without requiring any systems integration efforts, internal maintenance or support on the part of the agency.

Let SVSG do the heavy lifting for you – we know the process from the inside out, having developed it alongside USODI. With SVSG providing your Data Seal support, you can rest assured your agency data will be in compliance with UELMA at all times and know the data your organization distributes will be the authentic, unadulterated data sets you intended to release.


After an initial conversation with an SVSG associate, you’ll meet with an SVSG solutions architect. Our architects work with you to understand your objectives and current technical environment, then design, develop and implement our hosted DataSeal solution to meet your goals. Your project’s progress is tracked in our secure, proprietary Project Dashboard software providing you continuous updates on the status of your project. Our architects are engaged and available for phone and in-person consultations throughout the development of your project.

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