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What Do We Want In An American Smart City Of The Future? image

As companies throughout the U.S. and the world race to develop new technology to make life in cities safer and easier, citizens’ attitudes ebb and flow with the headlines. Data collection, autonomous vehicles, smart city infrastructure—ideas like these often toe the line between utopian and dystopian future ideals. We are fortunate to be witnessing a unique point in human development, ...

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SVSG in U.S. News: Buying Intel stock? Here Are The Pros and Cons image

 Courtesy of Intel is lagging on its competitors. SVSG Practice Manager Carter Smyth discusses the ups and downs of Intel Stock and whether investors should take a bite of the Intel apple, or keep their distance? Will its stock price hold up under the pressure? Intel has delayed the move to 10-nanometer chips and several companies have already announced seven-nanometer technology, so ...

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SVSG CTO Geeta Chauhan quoted in Business Insider image

Courtesy of Nvidia recently announced a new graphics-processing unit (GPU) capable of supporting 8K video playback. “With the launch of the Turing chip this week, Nvidia has solidified its market leadership position in the graphics and AI space,” Geeta Chauhan, chief technology officer with Silicon Valley Software Group, said in a recent note sent out to clients. “The new ray tracing ...

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SVSG in U.S. News & World Report: Tesla Stock Soars Despite Losses image

Losing money and topping Wall Street’s expectations… Tesla recently released earnings for Q2 which reported a loss of approximately $3.06 per share. In contrast, Tesla revenue numbers have soared which may help explain the 5% growth in stock price. Saudi Arabia may want to invest in Tesla.  COURTESY OF MASON TRINCA/THE WASHINGTON POST/GETTY IMAGES   Nonetheless, should we be worried about ...

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