Lean Product Methodology

How to Choose Your Tech Stack – Step 5: Scalability image

Step 5: Will my tech stack scale? Choosing a tech stack is a commitment that’s not easily reversed, so concerns related to future circumstances like scalability and performance are common. However, trying to address these concerns at the MVP stage would be premature. Many performance issues are a product of application design, not technology choice. They can be resolved through ...

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How to Choose Your Tech Stack – Step 4: Ecosystem image

4. Consider the landscape of tools in your industry One of the keys to a successful MVP is reducing time to market. Capitalizing on existing tools can dramatically reduce the scope of work and effort required to launch your product. When selecting a programming language and other back-end technologies, first identify the best open source tools available in your industry and ...

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How to Choose Your Tech Stack – Step 3: Who Will Build It? image

3. Who is going to build this thing? Shortage of engineering talent is a major challenge for early stage startups. As a result, the availability of engineering team members will play a role in determining the right tech stack for your company. Certain tech stacks attract different types of candidates and will influence your company culture. Many talented developers are excited ...

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For Machine Learning, It’s All About GPUs image

Isn’t it curious that two of the top conferences on artificial intelligence are organized by NVIDIA and Intel? What do chip companies have to teach us about algorithms? The answer is that nowadays, for machine learning (ML), and particularly deep learning (DL), it’s all about GPUs. In his most recent Forbes Technology Counsel post, SVSG CTO and Practice Lead Bernard Fraenkel ...

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How Machine Learning Will Disrupt The Established Cloud Providers image

Advances in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) technologies and techniques put greater demand on data centers and ML-optimized compute resources and bring a new wave of disruption to cloud providers. This will impact Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers as demand for the SMACK stack (spark, mesos, akka, cassandra, kafka) replaces the LAMP stack for ...

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Developing Products at Silicon Valley Speed image

Velocity Wins “Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.” We’ve all heard this quote more than once: in seminars, board rooms, even on television. This is in part, I surmise, because it is particularly relevant to the fast-moving, dynamic world of entrepreneurs, ie.. Silicon Valley. We regularly read about several startups with virtually the same idea getting funded within a 3-month ...

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