4 months


Los Angeles, CA


CTO Consulting, Delivery Acceleration, Team Augmentation


A leading international design agency had been working with a client to bring to life the design for a new product that would disrupt the parking industry.

The client had honed in on an opportunity to tackle a fast growing marketplace, similar to Airbnb, but for parking. They had recognized that the existing companies in the market had validated a need for a robust platform but had entered it with sub-par products that lacked effective marketing and distribution; competencies that were core to their founding team.

With the design agency’s track record of branding success and the clear market opportunity ahead, this client was rightfully bullish on their chances for success.

What they needed next was the technology leadership to deliver a scalable product before the market opening for a “fast follow” disappeared. The agency and client collectively called in SV/SG as the partner to lead the technical development and bring to market a maximum value product that could eclipse the existing VC funded competitors.


Their initial goal was ambitious: launch of the product at a high profile conference less than 4 months away. This launch needed to be more than a minimum viable product. A fully functional native app with a broad feature set would be required to enable the product to grab meaningful market share quickly.

The application itself required the design and development of a two-sided marketplace. On the supply side the user experience needed to be flawless for parking host while the demand (or discovery) side required a perfectly tailored solution for drivers. This along with form factor execution and scalability of the app to handle millions of users within weeks of the launch would define success.


SV/SG selected CTO Gil Edelman to lead the project.  Gil Edelman worked with stakeholders at both companies to understand the value proposition the product would bring to its customers. He then leveraged these goals to determine the best-fit technologies for the product, designed a product roadmap with weekly deliverables leading up to the aggressive launch date, and produced a system architecture that put the various technologies and tools into context. Once Gil had completed this first phase of development, he tapped into SV/SG’s vetted engineering team to select a team of five senior software engineers whose backgrounds catered to the technologies of the product.

The SV/SG team worked closely with the agency’s team to satisfy the client’s needs. Together, they identified key constituents and developed assumptions and value propositions which would be used to guide the creation of a feature set. As the agency’s marketing strategy for launch evolved and viral marketing plans were designed, the SV/SG team iterated to support these changes. While SV/SG addressed the mobile reliability challenges that other competitors faced, the agency designed intuitive user flows that competitors lacked. The joint effort, rooted in Silicon Valley best-practices, delivered the successful launch of the product.


The strategy of a launching a maximum value product as a fast follow to a ripe market opportunity worked. This product is one of the fastest growing parking App in Southern California.

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