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Financial Tech, Mortgages


1 year


San Francisco, CA


CTO Consulting, Distributed Engineering


This early stage company had a vision. They wanted to fundamentally transform the mortgage buying experience for the everyday consumer by utilizing technology to bring transparency to the fragmented mortgage industry. With no internal CTO or engineering manager on the team, they were seeking an experienced technical team to guide them from their inception.


The architect and Managing Partner of SVSG walked the client through the lean startup process and honed the vision for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). SVSG also played the role of CTO for the first full year of the company, directed the technology architecture and strategy, assisted in making key partnership decisions and managed the in-house engineering team. SVSG also designed the UI/UX for the project, then oversaw the hiring of a full-time CTO and engineering manager for the client’s expanding product and engineering team.


In addition to leading the product UI/UX, SVSG created a backend technology system to manage the mortgage process.  This allowed the client’s team to handle mortgages in a way that would conform to legal regulations.  SVSG helped guide the selection and integration of technology tools that allowed the client to quickly build an MVP while maintaining a Python/Django architecture that could scale with the company’s growth.

Key Benefits

After launching the MVP, SVSG helped to put place an in-house CTO and Engineering Manager.  Shortly after, they were able to secure a $5M Series A investment.  They have since magnified in size and are now pursuing their next stage of growth.

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