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“SVSG is my preferred consulting firm to send Twilio customers to. Their modern software development process and familiarity with Twilio makes them the top choice.”

– Charles Oppenheimer
Sale Engineering Manager, Twilio

With over 100 years of combined Silicon Valley CTO experience, more than a dozen solutions architects and Twilio certified team members, SVSG is the Twilio Solutions Integration Partner trusted by Twilio’s own Professional Services team to tackle the largest and most complex engagements.

As the world’s leading telephony organization, Twilio’s technology is utilized to solve everything from driving down call center costs to notifying patients in remote parts of the world about the arrival of vital resources (see SVSG’s Doctor’s Without Borders case study).

While upgrading from legacy phone and communication systems or creating best-in class solutions creates new business opportunities and saves companies significant resources each year, the technical lift involved is not always a simple task. Due to the sheer volume of connections, number of users, or often custom technical infrastructure of large legacy systems, a senior level technologist who has both the ability to understand the client’s existing technical infrastructure as well as a deep knowledge of Twilio’s technology is required to design and implement the ideal solution.

SVSG has designed and implemented best-in-class solutions for Twilio clients including the development of multiple cutting edge call centers from scratch, automation of IVR solutions, as well as the integration of Twilio technology into CRMs, banking, ecommerce, parking and medical solutions.

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